Software Engineering 101 Conference – Sept. 23

In case you haven’t heard, the Software Engineering 101 Conference is going on in Columbus on September 23. This is a one-day event where you will learn about software design topics and techniques such as object-oriented programming and the SOLID software design principles as well as a super-special hands-on test driven development session! This is all good stuff that every developer should know and it will be well worth your time. Rather than recount all the details, I’ll let you read more on Jim’s blog.

This is a FREE event, so all you have to do is ask your employer if you can go, they don’t even have to pay anything for it. I feel like I say this a lot, but these skills are essential for any software developer and have revolutionized the way that I write code.

Registration is limited, and I expect that it will fill up relatively soon, so don’t wait! You can click here to register.