Announcing TDD Boot Camp – comprehensive test-driven development training in .NET

If any of you have tried to learn test-driven development, you’ve probably discovered that it is not easy to learn. It’s not something where you can just go read a book or find a few good blog posts and start doing it tomorrow. You have to learn to how to write tests first, how to use testing frameworks, how to write testable code, how to do dependency injection, how to use mocking frameworks, and on and on.

People have asked me for advice on how to learn TDD and I really haven’t had a good answer for them. I’ve tried doing lunch and learn sessions on TDD and other people have done half-day sessions on TDD. All of these are good, but there’s no way that you can cover all of the subjects that you would need to understand in order to do TDD on real world projects in such a short amount of time. Sure, there’s definitely value in these sessions, but when I did my lunch and learn session on TDD, I felt like people went away feeling more confused about all of the stuff that they just realized that they didn’t understand.

Which is why I’m developing the TDD Boot Camp, a comprehensive, three day training course that will cover everything that you need to know in order to do TDD on real world .NET projects. It will be very hands-on with a lot of coding exercises that will help you understand all of the hows and whys of test driven development in .NET. My goal is to teach all of the concepts, tools, and techniques that you need to know to do TDD so that, with some practice, you will effectively be able to do TDD (and hopefully teach others how to do it too!).

I’m working on scheduling some events, so keep an eye on the website as I get things set up. I can also come out to your site if that would work better. Hopefully this will fill in the TDD learning gap so that more people can start realizing the benefits of test driven development.