About Me

Hi, I’m Jon Kruger and I am a technical leader and software engineer based in Columbus, OH. I am currently a Director of Engineering at Upstart, a fast-growing tech company building an AI-powered lending platform.

I specialize in technical organizational leadership and I have experience in a wide range of industries and environments. Prior to being in leadership roles, I was an engineer for 15+ years and spent 11 years in consulting where I helped teams adopt agile engineering practices, led engineering teams, built software in multiple tech stacks, and was a frequent conference speaker.

I believe that technical excellence, empowerment, and intrinsic motivation are the drivers of highly productive teams. My technical background helps me provide technical leadership, identify talent, train the next round of leaders, and create empowered, technically excellent engineering teams.

Technical leadership, building engineering teams, scaling engineering organizations, process coaching, technical strategy, product development

You can find my career history and view my recommendations on my LinkedIn page.