How Product-Focused Companies Optimize For Developer Autonomy
From Stir Trek 2022

From Path to Agility 2019

Ditching the Office – How an everyday corporate development team turned into a remote working team
(remember back in the day when working from home was a novel concept?) :)
From Path to Agility 2018, Stir Trek 2018

From Stir Trek 2017, cbus.js 2017

From CodeMash 2016, QA or the Highway 2014, Stir Trek 2012

The Business of You: 10 Steps For Running Your Career Like a Business
From CodeMash 2015, Stir Trek 2014, CONDG 2012

From Stir Trek 2013, DogFoodCon 2013

(presented with Brandon Childers, Chris Hoover, Laurel Odronic, and Lan Bloch from IGS Energy) from Path to Agility 2012

From CodeMash 2012 and 2013

(presented with Paul Bahler and Kevin Chivington from IGS Energy)

From CodeMash 2011

A description of how test-driven development works along with some hands-on examples.

From CodeMash 2010

From CodeMash 2010