Make TDD your meal ticket in 2010

It’s almost the time of the year where people start making new year’s resolutions and setting goals for the upcoming year. Allow me to propose something for your list: make TDD your meal ticket in 2010.

Why do I say this? Because TDD has revolutionized the way I develop software and has helped me write flexible and maintainable software with fewer defects and is a less stressful way to get things done. I can’t imagine ever going back to writing code without tests, and as a result it’s really difficult to work with developers who don’t write tests because they will write code that is hard to test, which means I won’t be able to write tests either.

In today’s economy, it’s important to differentiate yourself from the crowd if you’re looking for a job, hoping to get a raise, trying to get a promotion, etc. TDD can be that thing that differentiates you from everyone else out there. When I worked at Quick Solutions, we were always looking for developers who practice TDD, but developers with any amount of TDD experience are very hard to find.