Convincing others how to do TDD, OOP/SOLID talks @ CodeMash

If you’re going to CodeMash next week, I’ll be speaking at a couple of sessions. On Wednesday morning, I’ll be doing a PreCompiler session on object-oriented programming and the SOLID principles. I’m not big on 101 level talks, so this will be very little beginner material and mostly advanced OOP ninja stuff. I know this doesn’t sound very sexy, but learning advanced OOP and SOLID has drastically improved the code that I write, which is why I’m talking about it. We’ll do some hands-on coding too, so bring your laptop and get ready to learn from each other.

I’ll also be doing a short 30-minute session on how to convince others to do test-driven development. This is a touchy, difficult task that requires lots of tact, patience, and passion for TDD, but it can be done! I’m not sure what time I’ll be doing this, but check the schedule when you get there and you should find it (it will be in the vendor session timeslot).