Why you need to go to CodeMash

This is your annual reminder that you need to go to CodeMash this coming January. I’ve gone the last two years and I look forward to it every year. In three days time you can get exposed to pretty much anything relating to software development, and as far as conferences go, it’s really cheap. So if you want to see why people are making such a big deal about Ruby, or you want to learn how to write iPhone apps, or if you want to learn how to do TDD, or just learn more about what you do at your day job, then CodeMash is for you!

Not only are there great sessions, there are open spaces going on throughout the whole conference. Open spaces are self-organizing discussions where you propose a topic that you want to talk about and put it on the board in a time slot. So not only will you have the great eyes-forward conference sessions, there are several open spaces in each time slot where you can go and talk with other people on whatever topics you can think up. Last year I spent almost the entire conference in the open spaces and I had a great time.

Every year people come from all over the country to come to CodeMash, and last year it sold out. It’s well on its way to selling out again, so go bug your boss as soon as you can and tell him or her that you need to go to CodeMash.

Oh, and I’ll be speaking at the PreCompiler (the first day of the event) on OOP, the SOLID principles, and other “clean code” tips! It’ll be an interactive session when we’ll do some coding and learn from each other, so it should be fun. I know I’m looking forward to it.

Hope to see you at CodeMash!