Follow up to my last post

I’ve had lots of positive responses to my last post from other people that were involved in the original discussion. I just wanted to say that I was not the least bit offended by anything that was said by anyone in the original meeting. I don’t think that I could ever be upset at anyone for disagreeing with me on technical issues.

One thing that I really like about software development and architecture in general is that every project is a new challenge with new requirements that will affect how you architect a solution. So we need to be able to evaluate each situation and then evaluate what architecture fits the situation best.

This is why having discussion and disagreements is good. None of us know it all, and we can all learn from each other. My goal is not just to learn what ORM to use, or how to use WCF, or anything like that. I want to learn how to evaluate each situation so that I can design the system appropriately and use the tools that will help me get the job done.