I’m not going to be that guy

This week was my second week working on a Ruby on Rails project. Even though I am thoroughly enjoying Ruby on Rails (more on this later), I’m not going to use this as an excuse to blast .NET, the .NET community, and anyone else associated with .NET.

I really don’t see how posts like this one do any good at all. You may be tired of Microsoft’s stance on things, and you might be tired of working with people who don’t share your values, and that’s legitimate. You may want to work on a platform like Ruby on Rails that you feel is going to make you more successful. But that doesn’t mean that you should go out in a blaze of glory and tear down everyone and anyone associated with .NET.

If you don’t like .NET, you have two choices, you can change your platform (i.e. switch to something like Ruby) or change your platform (i.e. make the .NET world better). There are a lot of people doing the latter, and to slam the entire .NET culture does these people a big disservice. I am very thankful for these people because they are making the .NET platform much better, and I’ve reaped the benefits of this over the years.

This post was initially prompted by this tweet from Jeremy Miller:

I don’t think there’s anybody more self-righteous and condescending than a .Net turned Ruby developer.

Seeing that 27 people have retweeted that, that tells me that he’s not the only one who is hurt by all of the anti-.NET sentiment.

A lot of people in the .NET community don’t agree with how Microsoft does things and what they stand for, and I fall within that group. I would rather see Microsoft spend less time on things like Microsoft.Data and LightSwitch and spend more time promoting good developer practices (like TDD), helping to create some kind of .NET package management system (like Ruby’s gems), SQL migrations (like Ruby’s rake), and the like. If you want to blast Microsoft for stuff like this, be my guest. They’re a for profit company, so they can act like big boys and take the criticism. But please don’t aim that venom at all of the good people in the .NET community who are spending a lot of their free time to make the .NET platform better.